How Nutty can you be?

While we’re specialists in creating content that generates views, we don’t specialise in just one type of video. We produce videos to fit a broad variety of purposes. Take a look below to get a flavour of what we can do.

Drone Filming

Fully authorised by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), we’ve produced some breathtaking drone footage - both at home and abroad.

Documentary filming

A documentary style approach is an excellent way of ensuring the end viewer actually watches your video. If they think there’s something to learn, they’re more likely to pay attention.

Product Videos

Highlighting a product’s attributes or origins helps to generate engaging and powerful video content, effectively telling a story that creates buy-in from the viewer.

Overseas filming

True jet setters, we love seizing opportunities to fly around the globe; something we’ve done for clients many times in the past. So if you’re an international set-up, with offices or venues in multiple locations, we don’t mind hopping on a plane.

Showcase filming

A showcase video gives the viewer access to your service before they’ve engaged with it, helping to build a bond of trust from the off. We produce cinematic showcase videos that help to wow, and indeed woo, prospective clientele.

Case Study videos

Case studies are the proof in the pudding. By showing off the quality of your working relationships and results on video, you’re clearly demonstrating that you’re a company that delivers - be that figuratively or literally.

Event/Occasion filming

Event filming need its own specialism. From weddings to conferences, we’re experienced event videographers. Anticipation is key with this format - we know what to capture and when.

Animated Videos

While video often speaks for itself, sometimes it needs the odd pointer. We offer a full animated graphics service, helping to clarify the finer details or highlight key aspects.

Promotional videos

What better way to promote an event or service than video? If a picture paints a thousand much does a video cover? The perfect medium for creating easily digestible, enticing product/service information.

Video for PR

Video is often touted as the future. We’re firm believers in this - and so are the press. Nowadays, national and regional newspapers all look to incorporate videos alongside their online articles. If you provide them with the right content, they’ll use it.

Social Media filming

You only have to glance at your Facebook or Twitter feeds to realise the importance (and the power) of video on social media. We produce social media videos in any format, with the most popular being square videos; perfect for viewing on mobile devices.

'Day in the life of'

A day in the life video gives prospective employees an excellent insight into potential working life when looking to recruit, working wonders to convince talent that your workplace is the right one for them.

Testimonial filming

Who better to say how great you are than the clients you work with? There’s no better endorsement than going on record in praise of a service and we’ll make sure your client’s advocacy of your offering is polished to perfection.


Video FAQs help to enhance the written content on a website, providing visual representations or short snappy sound bites of what your target audience needs to know.