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We don’t just do video; we know about video. Our experience means we have a wealth of expertise to call upon, and we look to impart that know how from time to time via our blog. You could say we offer up a few ‘kernels’ of truth. A pun that’s absolutely intended

How Effective is Video Marketing?

  If you own a business that doesn’t yet have a video featured on its website, you’re almost certainly missing a trick. More and more businesses are seeing the benefit of video; from increasing website viewings to...

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How video marketing works on Facebook

As the social platform continues to grow and expand, Facebook is beginning to introduce a variety of features that make marketing within the site much easier for businesses. These features predominantly include video and, with a...

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How does video marketing affect businesses?

Think that video marketing isn’t for you and your business? Well, you’re wrong. And we’re not just saying that due to the nature of our job. No matter what your business does, sells or even how big it is, video marketing is an...

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How effective is video marketing on social media?

  As social media continues to expand and develop, the content on social platforms has to follow suit. Users want to see different content from what they’ve seen previously and to be shown a more in depth version of...

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