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We don’t just do video; we know about video. Our experience means we have a wealth of expertise to call upon, and we look to impart that know how from time to time via our blog. You could say we offer up a few ‘kernels’ of truth. A pun that’s absolutely intended

How does video marketing affect businesses?

Think that video marketing isn’t for you and your business? Well, you’re wrong. And we’re not just saying that due to the nature of our job. No matter what your business does, sells or even how big it is, video marketing is an essential step for getting brand exposure.


If you’ve read any of our previous insights articles, you’ll already know that social media is dominating the game when it comes to advertising, and video is at the very centre of its success. This is why video should be adopted and used in strategic marketing campaigns, no matter what your brand or message may be.


Although providing video for your customers is visually appealing, the facts and statistics show this isn’t the only effect that video has on the consumer. Recent figures demonstrate that some major companies have seen a whopping 71% increase in their sales, since they’ve included video in their content. This is an undeniably impressive statistic that could, realistically, make or break a struggling business.


The fact that the consumer is able to gather information quickly, naturally results in an impact on purchasing decisions, something that businesses can seize upon. Video is the perfect way to quickly grab the attention of a busy audience, drawing them in to what you have to offer.


Adding emotion and creativity into video content is where we, the experts, come in to play. Creating original and effective content allows for a brand to set the tone of who they are as a business and to target the right audience. Although each and every marketing strategy has a target audience, the use of video allows you to attract the audience that’s most likely to be interested in your company by hitting the right emotional receptors, resulting in organic growth for your business.


Video has now switched from being an optional strategy, to an essential one. Once video becomes incorporated into your marketing campaigns, you will start to see a natural growth in sales and engagement. According to a recent study, marketers who use video saw their company's revenue increase 49% compared to those who didn’t. This revenue increase alone should be a deciding factor for those who are still on the fence about using video.


Video has clearly become a priority for social media platforms with the rise in the variety of ways that consumers and businesses can use video within their sites expanding and advancing by the day. This highlights the increase in demand for video and why the content behind it needs to stand out. The more video out there, the more engaging your video has to be.


With audiences 10x more likely to engage, embed, share and comment on videos than blogs or related social posts alone, there simply is no denying how important video is to the new age of consumer. Therefore, to reach ‘Generation Z’, you’ll need to develop and adapt your marketing content to receive their engagement. How can your business do this? By using video to speak their language and reach your target audience.


Therefore, if you’re looking to find an effective, results driven way to market your business (after all, who isn’t?), then you really should be focusing on incorporating video into your marketing strategies. As the new generation moulds the way in which we consume information, marketers have to keep up and shift the way that their business markets their products/ brand to follow suit.


And this is where the nuts comes in.