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How Effective is Video Marketing?


If you own a business that doesn’t yet have a video featured on its website, you’re almost certainly missing a trick. More and more businesses are seeing the benefit of video; from increasing website viewings to converting consumers, the benefits of video can be felt in many ways.

As humans, vision is our most dominant sense. Pairing visual stimulants with sound evokes emotion, which ultimately changes our behaviour. By feeling emotionally connected to a brand, consumers are more likely to want to purchase a product.

Building Trust with the Consumer

Trust is a major factor to consider when trying to boost sales. When a consumer feels that they trust a brand, they are much more likely to buy from it, and not just that, they’re also more likely to re-purchase from it too. Video content helps to build this trust, by putting a face and personality onto the brand. Seeing products held and advertised by a genuine representative, makes consumers feel more confident when purchasing products online because this contributes to the perceived legitimacy of the brand.

Effective marketing videos often feature a representative presenting the product in a conversational form. This helps the consumer to feel connected to the brand on a personal level, furnishing the brand with individuality. Using industry jargon to present a product will only serve to confuse the consumer and make them feel out of their depth, so it’s important to try and relate to them, focusing on their wants and needs.

Optimising Visitor Levels & Boosting SEO

As a business owner with an online platform, you should be aiming to encourage as many people to visit your website as possible. There are statistics that demonstrate that if a website features a video, consumers are more likely to spend longer browsing it – even if they don’t view the wider content. Additionally, evidence suggests that a business is 53 times more likely to be found on Google if there is a video embedded somewhere on the website.

With the number of smartphone users constantly increasing, more and more people are watching videos on-the-go, while the rise of social media now involves daily sharing of videos over platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. People love to share interesting videos with their friends, so creating engaging video with genuine shareability means traffic to your site is likely to increase as the content is subsequently shared.

Including a video on your website will also help to improve your SEO, meaning you’re more likely to appear as one of the top searches in search engine results, with the likes of Google placing great stock on video content. On top of this, it’s also a good idea to upload the video to YouTube, as it’s the second largest search engine behind Google, processing more than 3 billion searches monthly. Additionally, research has shown that e-mails that contain the word ‘video’ in their subject line boosts opening rates by 19%.

Using videos as a method of marketing is also extremely helpful in keeping track of visitor stats. It’s easy to determine click-through rates and the number of times someone watches a video, as well as the point at which they stopped watching it. You can therefore see how well your website is doing and monitor any increase in traffic.

The Value of Video

Video is an extremely profitable type of marketing, boosting conversions and sales on a large scale. Statistics show that after watching a video about a product, consumers are 64% more likely to purchase it. Additionally, it’s suggested that people learn more at a faster rate and retain more information if it’s delivered both verbally and visually. Video is also more suited to each learning style, adding to its versatility.

Many consumers are also resorting to YouTube to post product reviews. These help to boost the legitimacy of the product and the trust relationship between the brand and the consumer, since the consumer can see evidence of the product being used among like-minded people. 

Using video marketing does have a downfall, however – it costs more money. It’s important though to consider the long-term benefits of this for your business; you’ll be better recognised and ultimately generate higher profits. If you’re considering including videos on your website, make sure they’re professionally done. While amateur video may have its place, a slick and professional production helps to ensure your business is taken seriously by consumers, further improving that bond of trust.