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How video marketing works on Facebook

As the social platform continues to grow and expand, Facebook is beginning to introduce a variety of features that make marketing within the site much easier for businesses. These features predominantly include video and, with a staggering 8 billion videos being watched each day on the platform, it’s not hard to see why.

If you're wondering how your videos can stand out amongst the Facebook crowd, creating an impact and driving sales, fear not. There are a variety of ways in which you can help your video grow organically and capture the right attention, with a few comparatively straightforward alterations.

One way that videos can grow organically within the site is by uploading the video directly, something considered to be very important in Facebook's algorithm and proven to perform up to four times better than other video formats such as copying in a YouTube link.

More importantly, a staggering recent statistic has shown that video posts alone attain 135% greater organic reach than photos, highlighting just how much of an impact they can have and how important they are to successful marketing strategies.

Producing a video simply isn’t enough, you need to be looking at the ways in which you can make your video stand out. Although content is key and everyone wants to see a high-quality video (this is where Little Nuts can help out by the way!), there are many factors that play a part in the success of a video campaign and who it reaches.

A simple alteration that can impact your video’s success is by creating square videos rather than rectangular. Although this may seem slightly odd to most of us and of little importance, with 92% of people using Facebook to watch videos through their mobile devices, it’s important that the video retains its quality on such devices. A recent study proved that, thanks to the scale of users using mobile devices, videos produced in a square format took up 72% of news feeds and received much higher engagement.

Although Facebook is often regarded as more of a personal channel than some of the other social media platforms, there’s no doubt about it that businesses are benefiting and utilising the site’s tools to promote their products in an effective way. For example, Facebook allows users to add in locations, tag products into posts and even offer discounts on their products. The use of tools and services provided on Facebook really do indicate what users want to see from brands and allow for businesses to take full advantage of the information they are given.

So, what’s hot right now on Facebook?

Unsurprisingly to us, over the recent years we have seen Facebook incorporate many video tools onto the site, making video content the predominant feature on the news feeds of millions of its users. New features include live video, 360° video and even Facebook's very own ‘story’ videos, showing that content of that nature is definitely in demand.

Astonishingly, by 2021 mobile video is set to account for 78% of total mobile data traffic, thanks to this increased demand. Facebook videos, therefore, are more important than ever.

As well as the site’s improvements of how you can upload videos (higher quality than Twitter for instance), the site allows for the use of different marketing tools too. Features such as call to actions, locations and even the opportunity to target those who show interest in what your video is trying to promote.

The Facebook ads tool is specifically designed with marketers in mind and enables you to promote your videos to a specific target audience. Let’s say for example, that you had a video about a Moroccan hotel. Facebook will allow you to target people who have shown an interest in hotels in Morocco - exactly who you would like to be targeting. This is done by Facebook using cookies from websites, on sites such as Google, to track who has been where and searching what.

This is an effective, yet simple way of advertising on the site.

Facebook provides an easy and accessible way of advertising your business via video format and allows you to utilise the tools of the site to your advantage. The demand to see videos on Facebook from its users is extremely high and businesses wanting to make an impact can no longer afford not to incorporate video when looking to exploit the social platform’s potential.

Giving people what they want is how the best marketing works and, based on all the evidence, video is what they want to see.