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We don’t just do video; we know about video. Our experience means we have a wealth of expertise to call upon, and we look to impart that know how from time to time via our blog. You could say we offer up a few ‘kernels’ of truth. A pun that’s absolutely intended

What is video marketing and how does it work?

Video marketing is, quite simply, using video to market or promote your product, brand or service. The videos can be anything from product reviews, to event videos or even in vlog format - as long as they are promoting your product or service.

However, video marketing works no differently to any other form of promotion; designed to create impact, drive sales and inform customers - something video is perfect for. Recent figures show that, at the end of 2017, video marketing accounted for 69% of all consumer traffic, *showing just how much of an impact visuals really do have within the marketing world.

Companies are investing more and more each year in to video marketing. This is due to the results they are starting to see from their campaigns and how video is driving sales/influence for their business. Therefore, The more people are exposed to good quality videos and experiences, the more people want to see it.

Although it is important to keep up with the latest trends, video also allows you to be creative and innovative within the way you market your product and when setting your tone of voice. This enables a business to use video to reach their target audience like never before.

Visuals also allow you the opportunity to get more across to your audience - than text alone. Recent research, by *Dr.James McQuivey, shows that one minutes worth of video is the equivalent to 1.8 million words - which no one wants to read. This shows just how effective video can be on an audience and how one short clip can portray such a wider message.

Video isn’t just for those promoting a brand new product or offer and should not be confused with a one off TV advert. Using video to market your product is all about showing insights to what your brand is about/ can offer to potential clients. This does not need to cost a fortune and can be simple, yet tasteful, all whilst promoting.

Your video should not only include valid information, but should also be extremely short and to the point - no need to waste time. Video is all about catching your audience's attention and new figures show that if you have not grabbed their attention after one minute, 45% of viewers have stopped watching.*

Video is not only visually effective at driving sales, it also helps to boost your SEO - let's not forget that Google owns Youtube. This can help with building backend links and driving traffic to your site. The chances are that the top search you get on Google will contain some sort of video within its website.

Recent studies show that at least * 80% of people who came across a video, within a website, took some form of further action after watching. This shows the effect that video has on your audience and their decision making after watching a video about a product/service.

A great video can reflect on the way people view the quality of your product/ service, like any visuals, and that's where Little Nuts can help. Your video needs to reflect on your businesses tone of voice and the service they provide - something that can be extremely hard to get right. That is exactly why to leave it to the experts.

Many people, I imagine, would never book a holiday without seeing it… but what if you could live it. People are attracted to the way in which video allows you to be somewhere you’re not, or to see different aspects of things that photos do not allow you to do.

One simple rule behind the marketing of the videos, like any other marketing, is to know your audience. This involves planning what you want your audience to see in your videos, testing whether they like it, analysing the sales and then testing again. This is why video marketing should never be daunting, these are the basic steps of any marketing plan - so why not try it today?