Meet the nuts

We may all be a Little Nuts (who isn’t, after all?) but we thrive on creating high quality, compelling video content that drives traffic and, ultimately, gets you views.

Abbie-Jaye Wilson

Head of Video Production
Favourite nut: Macadamia - because I love the Macarena

Tom Carter

Favourite nut: Pistacchio - because it rhymes with moustacchio. And I’d really like a big bushy one

Jess Seal

Account Manager
Favourite nut: Peanut - because I’m a massive fan of Charlie Brown

Lloyd Hughes

Favourite nut: Chestnut - because it’s all about the bench press *flexes moobs*

Jo Doverman

Account Executive
Favourite nut: Brazil Nut - because I like to be dipped in chocolate

Rebecca Fox

Production Assistant
Favourite nut: Walnut - because I like walls. And lamps. I love lamp